Hi All,

So it is the eve of our flight and with a frantic rush we have finally got this blog set up! About time most of you are probably thinking as almost everyone has asked us about it.The bags are packed, the necessary vaccinations have been had, the notices have been handed in and worked (or finished on garden leave, for one of us!), the anti-malarial tablets, a years worth of contact lenses have been purchased and we are ready to go.

Anyway for those who may have stumbled across this I’d better start with an explanation as to what this is about.

Right so where to start? Firstly thanks to Gems for the blog name suggestion. We both were chemists in our past lives before packing up our lives and hitting the road. This blog will document our travels for the next 6-12 months as we amble our way across the globe. We have only booked the first flight and the first 5 days accommodation with a view to living in the moment and seeing how it goes. This terrifies me but Gav is convinced this is the way to go so we will see!

We decided to go travelling due to a number of reasons, however it is mostly due to disillusionment with our current jobs and as we are in our early 30’s with no mortgage and no kids it was the last chance we had to go on an epic road trip before we allow life to get too serious.

So tomorrow we head for Hanoi and to adventure! Wohoo!


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hope you are safely settled and enjoying the delights of SE Asia – quite a change from rainy Liverpool or Heysham! Looking forward to ‘seeing’ and hearing of all of your adventures.

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