Flights…so many flights!

We arrived in Hanoi at lunchtime (local time) on the 25th March after a long and mostly sleepless series of flights starting at Manchester Airport, via Kuala Lumpur, to Hanoi which gave us a total flight/transit time of 22 hrs (we were actually on the go for 27 hrs before we got to the hotel).

What I have learnt so far is that Manchester Terminal 3 have made getting through security even more ridiculous and really slow and that there are 4 types of long haul passenger:1) Someone who likes the aisle seat for easy access and stretching but is not massively interested in getting too much sleep but will grab what they can; 2) Someone who likes to sleep on flights but can only sleep by the window; 3) someone who can sleep anywhere; 4) someone who doesn’t care about sleeping and just watches the in-flight entertainment and grabs snacks. Between us, I am type 2 and Gav is type 1 (and a bit of type 4). Gav got the aisle seat and I got the central one, luckily we had a nice chap from London on the inside who was happy to chat away as I couldn’t sleep!

First leg was British Airways followed by two Malaysian Airlines flights. Our main long haul flight was Malyasian Airlines and we flew on the massive airbus A380-800.

MH3: A380:800 MAN to KL- A beast of a plane! Photo credit LP

When you are on it its the same as any other large plane as we were on the main deck; it was a very smooth ride though with very little turbulence.

Our main flight path was right across Europe, the Middle East and down over India. Once we got to India I had had about 30 mins sleep and had exhausted almost everything I wanted to watch on the in-flight entertainment. Thankfully at this point they started to serve breakfast.

Time and space!Flight MH3

I have to say that Malaysian Airlines are lovely to fly with for the long haul fight and the staff were very attentive. For the Inter-Asian flight it was more like Ryanair with entertainment- we slept on that flight mostly due to exhaustion at that point!

First glimpse of Vietnam!
First glimpse of Vietnam!

Once we had battled our way through the long lines for “Foreigners” at Immigration, picked up our bags and found our pre-arranged driver for our airport pickup which whisked us away into Hanoi city….


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