If we were to do it again: Cambodia

(Picture credit)

Ah Cambodia, despite a rocky and itchy start (evil bites) in Phnom Penh (it was sleezy, smelly and dirty) we really enjoyed it and in the end we didn’t quite spend the month here- only 24 days. It was quite a bit more expensive than Vietnam and we couldn’t read anything but it was still fun none the less. With the exception of the Killing Fields/S-21, the Museums, the Palace and Angkor Wat, which are established tourist attractions, everything else is just starting up which is both exciting and also occasionally disappointing (e.g. some of the stuff around Koh Kong- except the waterfall, Mangrove and the jungle and the half built pepper resort at Kampot).

So if we had another month to do it:

Days 1-3: Phnom Penh (We spent four days there which was definitely enough. I would like to go back in maybe 15 years time to see how much it has changed).

Day 4-8: : Karatie (we missed this out due to the high temperatures at this time of year- great spot on the Mekong though).

Day 9-11: Kep (ah sleepy Kep, mountains, beach and seafood).

Day 12-17: Kampot (this place is so relaxed its great).

Day 18-21: Battenbang (we didn’t get here and opted for Koh Kong instead and we didn’t leave enough time to see it with the way we booked our flights to Myanmar).

Day 22-29: Siem Reap- day trips to the lake and Preah Vihear temple (between going to the Angkor complex and here you will need the extra days to recover).

Day 30: Fly back home or cross the border to Thailand.


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