Myanmar: When we go back…

(Photo credit)

So Myanmar! We spent two intense but enjoyable weeks here, in a way though it came at the wrong part of the trip for me as I was very exhausted after southern Thailand and the country is so different from it’s neighbours it took some getting used to.

Anyway we do plan to go back at some stage and hopefully within the next few years as the pace of progress there at the moment is changing the country rapidly and it is getting more and more expensive, for a first trip we covered the main spots but we want to see the following (some for a second time):

Yangon (it would be lovely to see how much this will change in a few years)

Sittwe -for Maurk-U (like a more laid back and less touristy Bagan)-potential issue with access due to political tensions

Mandalay again

Pyin U Lwin


Inle (again)

If we could hire a car- drive through Naypyitaw (the new capital- there is nothing much there apparently but massive empty roads).

The Golden Rock 

Mawlamyine (Kipling’s place)

and Myeik or Dawei or both! Beaches!

Obviously the country is still opening up so we did most of the main spots this time and some of the areas are still hard to get to off the well trodden path. So will see how it goes for next time and plan accordingly! Maybe foreigners will be allowed to hire a car when we are there next time.

Also for those who maybe weren’t aware, the old Top Gear Boys were here a while ago- you can find the tourist office link here.


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