Video interlude-the story so far…

Ok since it is taking me forever to write the current posts and we are pretty much constantly in transit for the next week I probably won’t get to them anytime soon.

In any case I’ve been doing a One Second Everyday for most of the trip- it should have been the whole trip but an Apple update wiped the first 2 weeks of Vietnam, I’ll hopefully sort that once I have a day doing nothing with good wifi. Some days I didn’t take photos, videos or bring my phone to things in case it got damaged (basically if we were going to be in water or dangling off a cliff) so there are the occasional dates missing. If you are wondering what somethings are please comment below. 🙂

Anyway so From Hoi An (Vietnam) to Cambodia, Thailand Part 1 to Myanmar (Burma), Thailand Part 2 to Laos and finally to the start of Thailand Part 3. Here it is:


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