Laos: put it on your wish list.

Although there is still the tinest sliver of Laos left which will appear in Thailand Part 3 I think it’s time to do a little look back on Laos.

What would we have done differently? We’ve discussed this and we think we may have spent a bit too long in Luang Prabang which meant we couldn’t do the Bolaven Plateau properly but in saying that it was rainy season so it may not have been as easy as in dry season.

We had a taste of Laos this time and next time we come here I think we’d definitely explore the north a bit more and do some hiking to see some of the villages and hill tribes. That means dry season, more expensive but less wet to the bone! There are some great spots around Luang Prabang and a few hours away the area of Nong Khiaw is great for hiking and cycling. We contemplated going here but then would have had to come back through Luang Prabang to get to Phonsavan Plus we really want to go back to Vang Vieng, that place was great craic- the caves were amazing and so much left to explore, likewise in Phonsavan. Vientiane isn’t worth the time really unless you go to iPho and get some tasty Vientamese food.

There is also the Gibon experience and some similar thing near Pakse. Green Discovery Laos are the main company for eco tours and have some great looking itineraries albeit a bit outside our budget for this trip.

Anyway the takeaway message from this is go to Laos, it is by far my favourite country so far though Vietnam is a close second. There is so much to do, its relatively inexpensive (unless you do tours), the food isn’t amazing but unlike Thailand the beer is cheap and really nice. The people are great, and it’s easy to get around it just takes a while.

Just go!


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