Video interlude: Home from home.

Finally the wrap up video of Australia and New Zealand.

So that was New Zealand, an oddly familiar place, dramatic and homely at the same time. We enjoyed our time here but yes we did far too much driving and went 10% over budget (petrol costs are a killer). The only thing we would change if we were to do it again would leave out Kaikoura and probably Napier (Gav’s least favourite type of architecture, I’m not wild about it either in fairness).

In the South Island – I forgot to put it in the posts but for cyclists it is insanely popular. We saw loads of folks in the middle of nowhere pelting along on their bikes, the wheels laden with supplies and water bottles in the most inventive of places. For us it seemed a lonely not to mention hard and dangerous (in places) trip but to each his own! I also forgot to mention colourful honey boxes for the collection of the superfood that is Manuka Honey.

Posting will probably get a bit erratic now as Gav has rightly pointed out that we are well into single figures when it comes to weeks left so we would be better off enjoying every second rather than too much chilling out and writing (we do have a 36 hour bus journey coming up though…).


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