South America Part 1 and a rather latin wrap up

Landing in South America was a definite start to the trip part 2! We arrived in Buenos Aires on the 5th February convinced we had enough Spanish to get by (crickey we were wrong there, it was almost comical!). The onus was on us to make ourselves understood, which day by day we got better at, thankfully! We managed to hit 4 countries in 49 days (or 5 if you count the five minutes we were in Paraquay- no stamp though, I don’t think it counts).

After NZ, which was basically like being at home again, it was nice to be back in less familiar terrain, though the jet-lag initially was a bit of a nightmare. We had a great time in Argentina/Brazil, Iguazu was the clear highlight though! However it was expensive, and as the Argentinean Peso was fluctuating rapidly against the dollar for the three weeks we were there, coupled with the ridiculously high charge for withdrawals and Boris Johnson’s Brexit backing announcement resulting in a drop of 5% on our budget overnight meant we needed to move as quickly as possible north to Bolivia. But not before taking in the cheaper highlights of Chile. San Pedro was the clear winner here. We would like to go back again and do Patagonia and a trip to Antarctica. Not sure when we’ll manage that one though as it will be awesome but stupidly expensive!

Iguazu aside (because that was epic) each country was better than the last, we absolutely loved Bolivia, you could easily spend a month there and we only had 13 days to give it! Due to the horrors of altitude sickness we decided to stay at altitude to properly acclimatise but it would have been great to see some of the further east of the country-the tropical part as opposed to predominantly desert. We will definitely come back here- though with tons of moisturiser- from Chile on it the air was sooo dry!

So our penultimate wrap up video, South America Part 1….


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