South America Part 2: tracing the coast north and preparing for return to reality. (Video)

Our final two months of travel before the dreaded return to reality. We loved every second of Peru, it was amazing. Especially Cusco , Manu National Park (so much wildlife), Huacachina (sand-boarding!), Arequipa (that canyon was a challenge). With a month spent there it didn’t have much time for everywhere else with just eleven days in Ecuador (including a week in the Galapagos and two days travel time getting in and leaving Ecuador) and seven days in Colombia (which was far from enough- you need at least 2-3 weeks there if not more). We wrapped up the trip with a two week family holiday in Cuba before flying back to Manchester, I’ve decided not to do a post on this but have included it in the video post below.

As expected Manchester embraced us with grey skies and drizzle!

We’ve been back 6 months now, luckily both have jobs and have been able to stay in the lovely North West of England. 🙂


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